Embedded Linux

With collective experiance of more than 20 years in Embedded Linux, Byteslices proudly offers various services such as software development & porting, OS customisations and optimisations, Application development for future connected devices and handhelds.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our approch of designing modular, secure and scalable IoT platforms helps our customers to build innovative products from various sectors enabling them to connect, control & store senstor data. Develop IoT, M2M applications and analyse big data for future predictions.

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Web Technologies

Harness the power of internet to rapidly grow your business multifolds. We provide end-to-end digital solutions from website design & development, Ecommerce, CRM and automated social media integration, Email marketing for your business.

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Byteslices team has a strong experiance of working with various opensource technologies & interacting with OSS community

  • Embedded Linux - Porting, Stack Customisation & Optimisations
  • Linux kernel porting, Device driver development for ARM, Freescale Targets
  • Board Support Package Design & Development
  • Yocto/Bitbake customised distributions
  • LAMP, Wordpress, Bootstrap
  • Opensource OS for Internet of Thing
  • Android OS porting, Middleware, Application Development
  • Linux Servers - Setup, Security & Maintainance
  • Application, System Compliance and Stability Testing
  • Device provisioing & secure firmware upgrade